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  • MicroSepTec Advanced Onsite Wastewater Treatment | ES Series, ES-6, ES-12, ES-25
  • MicroSepTec ES Series is a commonly used system in the City of Malibu
  • MicroSepTec has built it's reputation as the answer to difficult building sites
  • Orenco | AdvanTex AX20, AX20-RT
  • Systems require very little space and provide consistent and reliable treatment. Very common system in use within Malibu


  • MicroSepTec Advanced Onsite Wastewater Treatment | ES Series, ES-6, ES-12, ES-25

Malibu's single source solution for New Advanced Septic System Technologies | Disinfection

A conventional septic system can provide adequate treatment of wastewater in some conditions, however, conventional systems depend on natural processes to complete the treatment of discharged wastewater from the tank. If the high groundwater level does not allow for this natural filtration, advanced treatment options must be taken.

Advanced Onsite Wastewater Solutions
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Malibu Septic is a manufacturer approved installer of all types of advanced on site wastewater treatment systems used locally in Malibu including MicroSepTec ES Series Treatment Systems and AdvanTex AX Series Treatment Systems. We are also manufacturer trained and approved operations and maintenance > providers for these advanced treatment systems. We offer septic system maintenance and operations programs ranging from biannual to weekly inspection of the system components. Monitoring programs are frequently required by the City of Malibu and ensures your advanced treatment system is operating as designed, at all times.

Many of the systems we install are for residential projects requiring creative approaches to accommodate our clients' building program, such as beachfront and/or hillside. We engineer our systems to both to maximize land use and provide a cost effective and efficient system. If your building site has poor soil percolation results, high groundwater, or setback issues we can likely engineer a treatment system that meets your sites requirements.


The bad news is that many of the septic systems installed in Malibu, California have reached or exceeded their intended operational life span. Additionally, the City of Malibu, Calabasas, and Los Angeles County have all recently adopted new planning and permitting regulations which makes designing and installing a new system more in depth.

The good news is that wastewater treatment technology has advanced greatly and innovative new advanced treatment systems have emerged are bringing back clean water to our beaches, many have come down in overall installation costs. We can design a new system to meet any sites requirements and provide manufacturer authorized installation to ensure it is the last septic system you install.

With the enhanced treatment requirements demanded by local health departments in recent years, state of the art treatment systems continue to be the most efficient method to greatly reduce the strength of sewage effluent before it is discharged into the environment.

MicroSepTec Advanced Wastewater Treatments Systems were developed and are manufactured by Orenco Systems, Inc. The system provides a textile filter with a re circulating action. Features Include:

  • MicroSepTec EnviroServer ES Series
  • ES-6,ES-12, ES-25
  • Pre-Engineered System
  • Low monthly operating and maintenance costs with only 1
    moving part for ES-6 & 12, 2 for ES-25
  • Quiet Operation
  • Odor free residual water can be recycled and used for subsurface irrigation on site
  • Can be used in conjunction with many dispersal systems including: seepage pits, leach fields, pressure dosing
  • Optional Ultraviolet Disinfection is available
  • Long lasting components / no media to replace


  • ES6 treats up to 600 gallons per day, up to 4 bedrooms
  • ES12 treats up to 1200 gallons per day, up to 8 bedrooms
  • ES25 treats up to 2500 gallons per day, ideal for light commercial use

Advantex Treatments Systems, developed and manufactured by Orenco Systems, Inc. The AX20 system provides a textile filter with a re circulating action. AdvanTex AX Series Systems features, include:

  • AdvanTex AX20
  • AdvanTex AX20-RT | Ideal for limited access sites
  • Small sized/pre-engineered unit
  • Long lasting | No media to replace
  • NSF Certification | Tested and proven results
  • blends in with the landscaping
  • comparably affordable to other similar systems
  • provides nitrogen reduction

Geoflow products include Ultra-Fresh and Root Guard, the ultimate product application for use in subsurface drip irrigation for wastewater disbursement. We at, can assist with the design and installation of a wastewater disbursement system, helping you to save money, time, and the environment.

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